Jury Member of the Vipa Contest

The Visions International Photo Awards : https://vipacontest.com/

After holding international photography exhibitions, a history of artistic achievements, and cultural relations with the best photographers in the world, the founders of “visions” agreed to share this unique experience and dream that any photographer would like to achieve through the announcement of this competition. The foundation whose main goal is to discover the artistic faces that did not have the opportunity to show themselves, the names separated by the long distances to see the light of fame, the visions of the institution, and put this valuable opportunity, to open the horizons of the first step of passion and reserve a place worthy of art and creativity.

In order to achieve this and ensure the principle of equal opportunities And to win for the best, we sought to select the best photographers in the world by examining their artwork. And the artistic history and international honors they have obtained and participation with the owners of printing presses and art galleries and ambassadors Lecturers and lecturers from huge companies and photographic equipment to be experts and a substantial jury.

To be a large-scale competition, the Foundation gave all photographers an opportunity in their photography majors. The visions took the perfect step by expanding the list of categories that placed them in six major sections: Architecture, Editorial, Fine Art, Nature, People, and Special.

The Foundation’s primary goal is to shed light on the global spotlight on unique works of art, allowing achieving the goals and dreams of photographers and the search for the worldwide fame that any photographer seeks. In addition to all of that, valuable rewards were allocated both financially and morally.