Abandoned Places

Travel Abstract

Street Photography


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All photographs are sold as a work of art in a maximum of 30 copies worldwide, all sizes and finishes combined.


Lambda Print On Fuji Crystal DP II


Tradional Photochemical Development on Fuji Dp II glossy paper with 3cm Border, 1cm border for 180 and more.


Fuji Crystal Dp II is Fujicolor’s leading photo paper for gallery prints.


This photo paper has an extremely wide color gamut, and is non-fade for at least 75 years.


Fuji Crystal Dp II is a high-quality, brand name paper. It produce vibrant Colors and Great Contrast.

If you want a frame with our partner photographic laboratory Multiple winner of the TIPA Workd Awards.


Framed prints with passe partout and Mirogard Museum Glass.


Solid wood, real wood veneer.

An integrated hanging system comes standard.


Our laboratory delivers your passe-partout frame ready to hang.

You can add it to your collection as soon as your remove its secure packaging, thanks to pre-mounted, metallic hanging elements integrated into the frame.


Our passe-partouts are made from the finest, non-acidic, fade-resistant museum card stock – guaranteed to be free of wooden fibres.

These mounts are produced with a bevelled edge and then set flush against the images.

Original Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass


With their stable aluminium Dibond Backing and timeless look, glossy acrylic photo prints are perfect for any type of display, and they meet even the highest expectations.


Gallery-Quality Mounting


Acrylic glass pictures with a solid aluminium Dibond backing are very Sturdy.

The timeless design of photos on glossy acrylic is suitable for presentations of any type and meets the highest professional requirements.

Acrylic glass is light, Shatterproof and resistant to temperature fluctuations.


The properties of the photo print are intensified when it mounted under glossy acrylic glass, which highlights the vivid color and enhances the impression of depth.

Photo print is exposed using the latest laser technology and then traditionally developed.


Perfect hanging systems

Aluminium rails


Depending on format : two pieces for a horizontal edge length of 26-50 cm, around all edges for larger sizes.


Shadowbox for All Dibond mounting


With the Floater Frame present your painting as in the biggest art fairs.


The photograph and the frame of the frame are separated by an interior space of 7 mm Wide, thus giving the impression that the work “floats in its solid wood frame.

Exhibition Ready :


Floater Frame is ready to hang or display on a ledge.


Floater Frames arrive ready to hang. The metal picture hanging hardware on the reverse of the frame is included.


Out of the box and on to the wall : Your picture arrives ready to hang.

Easy as pie : all you need is two nails, screws or hooks.

Display the way you want : also looks great on a gallery ledge.


If you want something special or tailor-made just for you, we can certainly do it. contact me at hello@ilanbenattar.com